We are Sentinel

If you've come this far, it's likely because you're wondering, 'Okay, but where does this people come from?'

Okay, we'll tell you

As is often the case with all these things, Sentinel is born out of experience. Out of the bad experiences, to be precise. In 2018, one of our founders worked as an Assistant Site Manager for a construction company on a project in downtown Madrid. Manually recording the hours worked by each worker on the project was one of his tasks. 'There must be a more efficient and straightforward way to manage these tasks,' he thought

The first step was to create an initial outline of Sentinel for a Master's Thesis, and the panel was unanimous: there is a need for solutions like this in the industry. So, no more talking. From that moment on, the process began to figure out how a solution could be provided.

The second step took place in February 2020. In a conversation with two other friends, who are also Building Engineers, having lunch at a Japanese restaurant, deficiencies in the tools and methodologies used in the construction process began to emerge. The advantages of working in completely different companies within the construction field. As of today, those involved in this project have a combined experience of over 30 years in engineering, project management, construction companies, and manufacturing for the real estate sector, giving us a quite broad perspective of the industry. But it's not enough.

La bola de nieve ha ido creciendo. Se ha consultado a más compañeros cercanos del sector y se han ido ideando más funcionalidades, contando actualmente con más de 15 en nuestro portfolio. Pero no pretendemos volar sin antes aprender a caminar. Por eso hemos preparado nuestra encuesta. Queremos conocer las necesidades y carencias de profesionales como nosotros para, de todas las que tenemos preparadas, decidir cuáles encontráis más urgentes y que sean nuestra puesta de largo.


Our main mission is to provide construction professionals with tools that enable them to better understand the projects they are involved in, gaining greater control over the elements that influence them to make decisions as informed as possible, maximizing their resources and efficiency, and thus, their benefits.


Creativity and innovation are part of our DNA, and that's why at Sentinel, we aspire to be international leaders in the field of construction management tools.

Taking into account the various profiles that will use our tools, the interfaces have been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, flattening the learning curve and facilitating daily use.

We not only aspire to our corporate benefit but also to that of the companies with a presence in Sentinel CMS that do things right. Professionals with good references from their clients and collaborators will have a better reputation for future jobs. We want to support and reward well-done work.


Our guiding principles will be honesty and transparency. As a company that bases its activity on data, it could not be otherwise.

Commitment should not only be with customers and users but also with the professionals who make up Sentinel. We promote measures that ensure a healthy lifestyle for our human team, such as flexible hours to facilitate work-life balance.

As mentioned in our mission, we want to establish a commitment to the environment, not only through reducing the impact of our users but also our own as a company, striving for a carbon-neutral or even negative footprint through the optimization of our own resources. We want to contribute to a better world.

What? Are you in?